When did we stop caring?

I read an article today on LinkedIn posted by Charles Davis. It is entitled, “Addiction & Behavioral Health Rehab Recovery Treatment Marketing.” If you don’t know Charles, you should, he is a fabulously successful marketing person in the recovery industry. I’m not writing this article today so that I can try to convince you of anything to the contrary. Charles runs Addiction & Behavioral Health Treatment & Sales/Service Marketing. https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlesdavis1

This paragraph is from the article confirms his impressive stature in the community.

Charles Davis, Behavioral Health Network Resources, and most connected addiction and behavioral health professional on Linkedin with over 12,000 addiction/BH levelone contacts, 12,300 followers, owner of 11 groups with over 25,000 addiction/BH members, and 700 profile views per month. **https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/addiction-behavioral-health-automated-market…

All I can say is wow; this guy must make a lot of money!

It’s a long article, not a short post, about 1,500 words. Like any great marketing material it is chocked full of images, links, and various sized fonts. I just know that there is some amazing formula for where each link gets placed within the text, what to capitalize and how big to make the images. Again, kudos to Mr. Davis for having such advanced knowledge and marketing experience. Decades ago I may have strived to be just like you. Not today. The paragraph below is just one of the sentences from the article.

We are industry thought leaders in Ad-words, “DRIP” Campaigns, Search engines and how they work, how 70% of conversions are coming from mobile, FACEBOOK Marketing, email marketing, call center lead generation, TV, Radio, and on 21st century Addiction/BH Marketing techniques with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT EVIDENCED BASED MARKETING

The piece discusses, “…turnkey automated marketing system for the drug and alcohol verticals.” which is a marketing tool from a website called StopFryingYourBrain.com. I have heard about this site before, weeks ago it received praise from a rehab center operator. I visited the site but didn’t quite recognize the concept of the automated system, the term “automated” or even “drug and alcohol verticals.”

Are they verticals or people?

What does all that mean in human terms?

The article contains more than two dozen links that lead to various other marketing persons, websites and promotional information.

It ends with this sentence, “Lastly, thank you for the time of learning about our automated turnkey marketing system, PPC models, drip campaigns and the drug and alcohol space.”

Wow, a “drug and alcohol space.” What is that?

My issue with this article and some of those people working in this industry is the lack of caring and empathy for addicted persons. Nowhere in Mr. Davis’ article does it mention that they care for those people. Nowhere does it say, their work helps those families or even recognizing them as something other than a dollar figure. This approach is a problem.

Today, I enjoy working hard and being sober. I am also in a long-term recovery for life as are many of my associates and living friends. We use the phrase “living friends” because, through the years, some have died from drug and alcohol-related issues. Today, I’m sober and happy.

I not only talk the talk, but I have walked the walk of recovery. I know what it is to have parts of the world crashing down on you because of addiction and alcohol abuse. Having survived my life experiences, and I am now an empathetic person.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to step out of your experience and step into another person’s experience. It gives us the knowledge and power to perceive the situation as another person does. It can mean “sharing” the experience, whether it’s an emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual experience. Empathy, allows you understand what another person is going through, you recognize and feel their pain.

When someone is suffering from addiction, I have strong feelings because I can see things from their perspective. I’ve been there and done that, so I understand the situation. I’m ready to help.

I care.

We are not trying to single out Charles or his successful business. Our recovery industry is packed with people and companies that are operated in a similar fashion. However, I did not feel ANY empathy coming from Charles Davis’s article.

Where is the compassion for those fathers, brothers, sisters and moms that have been devastated by drugs or alcohol? I have a person on my staff; someone who lost his only brother to heroin.
Are we asking him to consider his brother a “vertical?”

Is it appropriate to question, “would better insurance or self-pay have saved your brother?”

This business is not about accounting and marketing; it is about helping and protecting people, family, friends, neighbors and as many of the addicted souls your message can reach.

When did our lives become so fixated on dollars that we forgot the person?

When did we stop caring?

There are over 11,000 commercial radio stations in the U.S. Many stations connect with relatively concentrated and focused geographic areas. Alternative Solutions Media can help you deliver a message of recovery to millions of people across this great country. We can help you to help others in need. We recognize these individuals as real people, they ARE fathers, brothers, sisters and mothers. Our services put your rehab facility in front of those who need it.

Alternative Solutions Media and Howard Needle are in the business of helping others. We care! This work reflects our empathy and goodwill. Just as I was once helped to overcome this type of challenge, I am now in the business of helping other people. Please call us today and let me show you how to reach a national audience through radio or TV advertising.


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