Working on the Weekends

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Have you ever noticed that a lot of online businesses shut down for the weekend? Blogs have no posts, forums & groups appear abandoned; even LinkedIn is pretty quiet. It seems like 48 hours of “out to lunch”.

We want you to know that the Alternative Solutions Media Team is hard at work every weekend because we understand that recovery facilities don’t close. We accept that the bars are open, and the dealers are still delivering on Saturday and Sunday. People still need help during this time.

Those seeking recovery don’t take the weekend’s off, and that is a critical period for TV advertising. The weekend holds two additional days for us to get your message of recovery out to a national audience. We recognize Saturday and Sunday as valuable times to deliver a pay-per-call campaign.

Recovery facilities are open on the weekend, helping people, and so are we. If you have a question about a national direct response ad campaign, please feel free to call me. I’m always hard at work for my clients and would be happy to talk with you.
Howard Needle

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