You Can Close 4% Just Like a Loved One

Alternative Solutions Media’s job description is to appeal to substance abusers or their loved ones through various media outlets to help them find treatment. Several $100,000.00s of dollars are spent on national ad campaigns to achieve this goal. And it works. Every month twenty to thirty thousand people, desperate to get treatment, respond to my TV, Radio and internet commercials by calling my hotline numbers. These are people in pain calling my 800 number to find the guidance to change their lives at that very instant.

Many of my clients do very well with these callers. Some who have trained and qualified admissions staff can close around 4% of the calls they receive. But therein lies the rub. Their staff members are well trained and treat callers like a loved one. They know how to ask the probing questions in an empathic and concerned way.

Too often, callus admission staffers treat callers – who are begging for their life over the phone – like cash registers as apposed to loved ones. I’m sure these staffers are nice people and fun to be around at the company picnic, but they have a tendency to disqualify a caller rather than qualify them. I know this for a fact – I’ve listened to the calls. Their brutal tactics do a disservice to your facility and the entire treatment field; but most of all, the person pleading for help. The successful centers invest in training their staff to not only avoid these improper tactics but to also increase their admissions. These facilities do better than most!

What they know that perhaps your admissions staff doesn’t is that just because a caller doesn’t have insurance or is on Medicare doesn’t mean they’re poor. There are several probing questions that can be asked in a warm and compassionate way that will reveal the callers true financial ability to pay for treatment. Too many of these callers are just being transferred to SAMHSA before all avenues are explored. There are other options of payment available beyond insurance that need to be explored to determine if they’re financially suitable.

The good news is your admissions staff can be trained in what probing questions to ask and how to ask them like a loved one. It’s for the reasons above that I started my signature ‘Rainmaker Marketing and Training Advantage’ program. I believe in my heart that this program will help more people get the treatment they so desperately need. This is a proven all-inclusive turnkey program that provides you with high quality calls and comprehensive in-house sales training at a competitively low fixed price.

My clients call me the ‘Rainmaker’ because I deliver results for them. Contact my office to arrange a pre-planned phone meeting so that I can show you how to close 4% by just acting like a loved one. Toll free at 888-838-5743 or email at

Every life is precious, start living yours today!

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