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Howard Needle, CEO

Howard W. Needle, Treatment media leads
Founder and CEO at Alternative Solutions Media

Posted by Howard Needle

Addiction treatment facilities should always be striving to develop consistent sources of new patient leads. Lead generation is the “name-of-the-game” in today’s recovery marketing. The world understands a facility’s commitment to serving recovery patients and working to improve their lives. However, only the facility can understand the need for successful addiction treatment marketing. Every facility in America needs to bring in new patients each month. When a facility looks for new admissions, the administration will turn to TV & Radio advertising. TV, radio and Google search advertising is one of the most successful methods of lead generation in the world. Pay-per-call advertising, for recovery facilities, is the process of generating quality live call-in leads without breaking the bank.

Each month pay-per-call advertising can help a recovery facility fill each bed without the high cost and long-term commitment of corporate branding. Advertising and building a brand name is certainly necessary. However, if a facility’s budget does not permit the full cost of an annual corporate branding campaign, pay-per-call is the next best solution.

Pay-per-call leads from Alternative Solutions Media fall into three categories.

#1 – Raw Calls. These are the least expensive live call-in leads. Each call incurs a cost to the facility . (not filtered or pre-screened)
#2 – 30-second Buffer Calls. This program allows a facility’s admission department to use the first 29 seconds of an incoming call and qualify the potential new patient. Since the payment process is so vital for new patients, a facility can use this time to question the caller regarding their situation. If the call is terminated prior to the 30-second buffer, then there is no cost to the facility for the lead. When a caller talks for more than 30 seconds and stays on the line discussing treatment options, then the service must pay for that lead. 30-second buffer calls are one of the most popular item purchased from Alternative Solutions Media and can create a steady flow of new patients. Those facilities that have used the 30-second buffer calls have commented that this program has been able to take their operation to the next level and stimulate long-term growth options for the facility.
#3 – 60-second Buffer Calls. As the recovery industry has become more competitive, institutions have turned to more precise methods of gaining new clients. The 60-second buffer call brings a whole new kind of precise call-in marketing to addiction treatment lead generation. This powerful call-in lead gives the facility admission department a full 59 seconds to talk to the potential client and qualify their situation. During this first minute, the staff can discuss treatment options with the caller and often this question and answer period affords the time for guests to understand more about the treatment process and its costs. Family members of those suffering from addiction will have more questions and request additional information and this time is helpful for the facility to match the proper treatment with potential clients. If the staff or the caller terminates the conversation within the first 59 seconds, there is no cost for that lead. When the call extends past the 60-second buffer, the facility is charged for that lead.

As the costs of recovery advertising have risen over the past decade, particularly corporate branding, the pay-per-call lead generation program has become an attractive solution for most recovery facilities. This kind of campaign requires no long-term commitment, offers trackable calls, recognized lead volume, fixed price per lead, and no additional unknown costs.

To learn how Pay-Per-Call lead generation campaigns can help your recovery business, please give us a call today. Call Howard Needle 888-838-5743

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